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( God Satan and Man ) book-1

In a way to trow light on what is to come, it is essential to know what it had happens in the past, the repercussions to seek out will follow on the present and the future ! The history of Christianity had an hiden face that unfortunately many are unaware of?

(God Satan and Man) book-2

The gospel and the prophesy are demystified, unload,completely free to express opinion that is 4to be heard, are a breathtaking odyssey of revelations, The annonce of those events will not spare anyone. The phenominia is on planetary scales.

The mission for those wrightings are allowed you to see the world as it is, deprived of clever devices, with a bare face. Lifting the veil on the invisible, behind the scenes, as things stand in the world at this present time, the forces and powers by which it is unconsciously manipulated? In a way To get to the bottom and make the light on this new world order which is in full ascensions at this present time, on what will reflect to humanity on it’s settlement place. What are the concerned of satan for this third millennium? Reading those two books wont let you uninterested. A reference world of revelations, a disclosure without imaginable restraint . An adventure that will mark a lasting impression true the cource of your existence. Do not esitate to get get those two books while they are still available and bearable on the market before they get banned!

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